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About NobdWe are an online business directory, listing all forms of businesses in South Africa. We aim to be the largest and most sought after directory of businesses through having a comprehensive and quality database of business listings.
Our directory comprises of listings in all nine provinces of South Africa. We have identified 345 major “business districts” spread throughout South Africa.

Listing a business on this site will be beneficial for businesses to garner an online presence which will allow the business to be easily located within the district in which they operate and in addition, it will give the businesses a platform on which to form strategic business relationships with other businesses in its industry, suppliers and customers beyond the business’s geographical boundaries.

Given the breadths and heights that technology is going to nowadays we could not sit and watch South Africa lagging behind in the way we do business. Hence we felt a comprehensive online business directory would provide that missing link.
Many businesses or services, especially by small and medium businesses, are not easily accessible through the net due to many reasons and one of them being that most businesses in South Africa still do not apply the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) technique.

Through Nobd, all services and products are going to be published on one website thereby providing South Africa with a one-stop business directory.

Our directory is the most comprehensive as it not only lists profitable businesses but also NPOs, government departments, clinics, hospitals, ambulances, emergency services, etc. The list is endless.
We seek to offer a quality service to the various communities of South Africa and the world at large.
Being an online directory also means that we can be accessed from anywhere within and outside South Africa through the Internet. With the Internet now available through cell phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices, it means our directory can be accessed from under a tree, on the highway, in rural areas and basically from any corner of the world.
We are going to continue to use the best SEO techniques to ensure that our listings come out tops from any search engine in the world.



  • Can Small Businesses Merge and Acquire?

    The answer is definitely yes. The first advantage that arises from merging is the increase of economies of scale. Economies of scale do not only increase in terms of the balance sheet but more so in terms of the human resource. For small businesses it is also likely that the balance sheets may have no much glory to show, however, the different shareholders may combine their intellect, experience and that of their personnel to develop a much stronger business.

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  • Analysing the markets of your business

    It is very important to analyse your markets whether you are starting a business or you are in business already. Existing businesses continuously work on budgets/sales forecasts which should generally be influenced by the prevailing behavior of the market among other factors. You cannot derive your forecasts purely on targets you want to achieve, you have to check your targets against the reality of the market situation.

    Considering the info about your markets is not an excuse for you not to achieve sales forecasts, however, it is a way to ensure that you can marry the right strategy to achieving your targets by using marketing analogies to derive your strategies.

    A good market analysis must consider the following;

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  • Risk Management in Small Businesses

    In a perfect world each individual would jump at an opportunity of running a business free of risks and uncertainties, unfortunately this is not the case, behind every success there is a painful story.

    Starting a small business comes with lots of challenges; entrepreneurs spend time and money developing a good business plan that is fitting for their prospective business. However, the management of risk is often overlooked by entrepreneurs who mistakenly believe that the loss is best dealt with once it has materialized.

    Risk refers to a possible loss which may arise from operations, people, process, systems, and internal as well as external events.  Once these are overlooked in your business operations they will interfere with your company’s financial stability.

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