Ubumanzi Game Lodge
Suburb: Naboomspruit
Province: Limpopo
Phone: 082 448 6290
Website: Accommodation
A visit to Ubumanzi is a true African bushveld experience that cannot be matched. This private reserve is nestled in the heart of the malaria-free Waterberg, only 2 hours drive North of Pretoria. You will experience the natural beauty of the unique Waterberg mountain range. Treat yourself to o
Umklewu Bushveld Lodge
Suburb: Modimolle
Province: Limpopo
Phone: 082 562 3326
Website: Accommodation
At Umklewu we offer our clients a wide variety of luxury accommodation from a fully equipped self-catering chalet to a beautiful family room with everything you can imagine. Umklewu lodge can accommodate up to 42 people, and is only 6 km from Nylstroom. At Umklewu we have a remarkable conference
Umoya Caravan Lodge
Suburb: Phalaborwa
Province: Limpopo
Phone: 076 791 2227
Website: Accommodation
Umoya Caravan Lodge is situated in a malaria-free section of the Limpopo province, a little under two hours drive from Johannesburg. Only 2km from Bela Bela (Warmbaths) we offer much more than the ordinary caravan park and you will be most impressed by what you see. Umoya is aimed at the camper w
Unico Hunting Safaris
Suburb: Lephalale
Province: Limpopo
Phone: 014 763 3112
Website: Accommodation
Unico is derived from the Spanish word – única – meaning “unique” Indeed, this is what we have became renowned for over the past 11 years. Unico Safaris operates from the Limpopo province, within the borders of South Africa. This region is Malaria free and situated in the legendary bushv


  • Can Small Businesses Merge and Acquire?

    The answer is definitely yes. The first advantage that arises from merging is the increase of economies of scale. Economies of scale do not only increase in terms of the balance sheet but more so in terms of the human resource. For small businesses it is also likely that the balance sheets may have no much glory to show, however, the different shareholders may combine their intellect, experience and that of their personnel to develop a much stronger business.

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  • Analysing the markets of your business

    It is very important to analyse your markets whether you are starting a business or you are in business already. Existing businesses continuously work on budgets/sales forecasts which should generally be influenced by the prevailing behavior of the market among other factors. You cannot derive your forecasts purely on targets you want to achieve, you have to check your targets against the reality of the market situation.

    Considering the info about your markets is not an excuse for you not to achieve sales forecasts, however, it is a way to ensure that you can marry the right strategy to achieving your targets by using marketing analogies to derive your strategies.

    A good market analysis must consider the following;

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  • Risk Management in Small Businesses

    In a perfect world each individual would jump at an opportunity of running a business free of risks and uncertainties, unfortunately this is not the case, behind every success there is a painful story.

    Starting a small business comes with lots of challenges; entrepreneurs spend time and money developing a good business plan that is fitting for their prospective business. However, the management of risk is often overlooked by entrepreneurs who mistakenly believe that the loss is best dealt with once it has materialized.

    Risk refers to a possible loss which may arise from operations, people, process, systems, and internal as well as external events.  Once these are overlooked in your business operations they will interfere with your company’s financial stability.

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