Product Development

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Product development is all about solving problems. When a business starts envisioning or designing a product for the market,  the product must be less about what the business wants and more about a solution to a problem identified by the business.

Walt Disney once said “You don’t build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them.”

This means that businesses need to understand exactly what it is that customers need and create a product that satisfies that gap.

In order for your business to have competitive advantage, your products should offer more value than the competition. You need to be creative and innovative. The greatest way to achieve this is by getting customer insight. Insight is the science of understanding your consumer. This means you need to rely less on traditional research methods and focus more on forming relationships with your consumers to know exactly what they want and need.

The most popular and traditional way used to gain consumer insights is by undertaking qualitative research through one-on-one interviews and focus groups. But for more intuitive and useful consumer insights you must go over and above the formation of focus groups to interview your target customers by using ethnographical and shadowing methods. Focus groups give you findings, the latter gives you insight.

According to Draft FCB, you need to immerse yourself in your customer’s world and be a part of their lifestyles, everyday interactions in the spaces in which they live. Spend time with them and participate in what they do. You need to be yourself so they can also get comfortable and be themselves. Transparency and openness helps reveal the truth as there are no inhibitions. You must let loose of any stereotype bias that might blind you to new insights about your consumers. This qualitative research method will help you to find out what will help their lives and this will be of value to the consumers.

Montague and Kothe from The Bolt Group concur that a keen understanding of consumer emotions, behaviors, and aspirations provides the insight that leads to great products. Great products are all about offering a great user experience and this comes as a result of knowing what makes your customer tick.

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