A brand is a brand, no matter how small

We often hear the word brand and half the time we think it is a thing of the big companies with millions or billions of money. Meanwhile a brand is a brand, no matter how small it is. A brand begins on the day you register your company or if its an informal business, the day you start your ‘spaza’ shop for example. Your small ‘spaza’ shop becomes known for something like selling fresh bread or being well stocked or for poor customer service. Whatever, the reputation, it becomes linked to who you are (brand) no matter how small your business is.

When you think of it, people are also brands because they become known for who they are and what they do. As a result just like brands, some people can be trusted and others cannot be. So there is a very close link between the business brand and the owner of the brand as well as the employees of the brand. The actual brand doesn’t do anything good or bad but it is what and how the owner and its employees present it which builds and determines the image of a particular brand.

Other than the things we do as a a brand, we also need to think about our brand identity and visibility. Brand identity refers to what is normally called a company logo. A company logo is like a sign which people can always distinguish you from others by seeing it. It makes you more visible wherever you are and easily remembered than the actual name of your company, hence when we have forgotten someone’s name, we describe them physically and probably refer to what they also do because that is how brands are remembered, by their physical appearance and as well as what they do, more than by their actual name.

Written by: Gibbs M. Nare, Entrepreneur & Business Mentor at Iso Labasha Holdings

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