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Many a time we have heard the word mentor, mentorship etc. The truth is that we have always had mentors one way or the other in our lives. The very first mentors have been our parents who were there to guide us as we grew up and those relatives that we confided in and they gave us whatever advice that we acted on.

When it comes to business we cannot say its different because first of all when we enter the business world, we are like new born babies in that world of business. We know very little and at times nothing at all. We need someone to hold us by our hand and guide us through the many dynamics of owning and running a successful business. our business idea could be very brilliant but with no proper guidance it could all go down the drain.

Business Mentors should be people who have seen it all, either as entrepreneurs themselves or people who have worked for many years in a particular industry or industries at an appropriate level to have acquired enough knowledge and experience about the running of a particular activity, business or operation. Their role is then to give you that many years of experience and insight that you do not have.

A mentorship relationship can last for many years, though the frequency of interaction may diminish as you grow in experience, however, you may always need your mentor as your business may continue to grow to levels you need them or your business can face challenges which you and your mentor never predicted. So when your business is well and running, do not cut ties with your mentor as you may need them in future. So many things change in the business world and each change can present a different challenge which you may wish to get a second opinion on  – from someone you trust and someone who understands your dream because they have been with you all the way.

Written by: Gibbs M. Nare – Entrepreneur and Business Mentor, Iso Labasha Holdings.

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